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Jesus Empowers

Supernatural Ministry

Declarations: “Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry”

        Proverbs 18:21 -  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”


  • Jesus, you showed me how to be supernatural on this earth.

  • I am called to do what you did.

  • I will do even greater things than you did.

  • Jesus, You have commissioned me to bring Your Kingdom wherever I go.

  • This week, I will display the awesome power of God.

  • When I lay hands on the sick and tormented, they will recover.

  • Even though I may feel like a lamb amongst wolves, I trust your supernatural power.

  • I will not be distracted from my purpose.

  • Jesus, you were anointed with the same Holy Spirit I have.

  • I am baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • I will speak in tongues.

  • I will prophesy.

  • I will receive words by spending time with you.

  • When I walk in a room, the atmosphere will change, because you and I are one.

  • I bring life everywhere I go.

  • I bring words from God everywhere I go.

  • I bring healing everywhere I go.

  • I will not be afraid.

  • This week I will…

  • See things I’ve never seen.

  • Hear things I’ve never heard.

  • Do things I’ve never done.

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