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I thank God that he knows me and he knows right where I am.
I have been placed in this church for a reason.
I did not choose it, God chose it for me
I am on assignment.
I am radically loved by Him
So I will love others.
I will do nothing out of selfishness or pride
I will serve others and put them first
I am called spur others on and encourage them
I am a part of a powerful family that is called to change our world.
Epicenter has been raised up to be a regional apostolic revival center
I am a part of building a community of supernatural love and power right here in Gurnee
I will be here.
I will give here.
I will work here.
What my heart possesses my life expresses.
Consume my heart
Take my life.
I will not waste my time here,
But I will spend it for others and for Him.
This week I will display his supernatural love and power to everywhere I go!
Now, go be awesome!
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